c a r e   t a g

r e i k i    |   y o g a   |   p e r s o n a l   s k i l l s   |   p u b l i c  s p e a k i n g

F o r  m o r e   i n f o r m a t i o n   a b o u t   c a r e   t a g ,  m e ,  y i n   y o g a ,  r e i k i   a n d  s k i l l s  t r a i n i n g :  

s c r o l l   d o w n. 

Y i n   y o g a  l i v e  v i a  Y o u T u b e

Three times a week I offer yin yoga via a live stream on my YouTube channel. The classes are suitable both for beginners as well as for more experienced yogis and yoginis! Register yourself for a class by sending me a message via the form below, an e-mail or a DM on Instagram, and I will send you the exclusive link to the live stream.

M o n d a y   2 0 : 3 0   -  2 1 : 4 5   C E S T   |   Y I N   Y O G A  L i v e
To start your week relaxed, empowered and charged with fresh energy, I offer a 75 minute yin yoga class on Monday evenings. Take time for yourself and dive into the beautiful world of yin yoga to take care of your body and soul. Never before you were looking forward to Mondays like you do now!

T h u r s d a y   2 0 : 3 0   -  2 1 : 4 5   C E S T   |   Y I N   Y O G A  L i v e
To break your week and to relax, empower and recharge yourself with fresh energy, I offer a 75 minute yin yoga class on Thursday evenings. Take time for yourself and dive into the beautiful world of yin yoga to take care of your body and soul. A lovely preparation for the weekend!

S a t u r d a y   1 0 : 1 5   -  1 1 : 3 0  A M  C E S T   |   Y I N   Y O G A  L i v e

During the weekend you can finally take some time for yourself, for example by taking a 75 minute rejuvenating yin yoga class! During the relaxing morning class, you can shake off the past week and start your weekend in a relaxed, recharged and re-energized state of body and mind. 

For these o n l i n e classes the following  p r i c e s  apply:

I n t r o d u c t i o n   c l a s s       f r e e
S i n g l e  c l  a s s                          € 8
5 - c l a s s e s  t i c k e t               € 40
1 0 - c l a s s e s  t i c k e t             € 75

P r i v a t e  c l a s s e s  y i n   y o g a

6 0   m i n u t e s   y o g a        € 45   
9 0   m i n u t e s   y o g a        € 65

O n l i n e  p r i v a t e  c l a s s  v i a  Z o o m  € 3 0



G r o u p  c l a s s e s  ( t a i l o r m a d e )

Prices for groups larger than 2 persons by mutual agreement.

y o u r   i n n e r   c i n e m a

What is your  v e r y   f i r s t   i m p r e s s i o n  of this webpage or the logo?  Was it appealing to you? Were you curious? Or were you inclined to already closing the page again? Did you assume anything, or did you have a judgment set? Perhaps you labelled the whole thing already, or framed it? And did you do all that in full awareness or did it just happen like that?

Very often, if not most of the time, we are not fully aware of our first impressions and primary judgments. Yet, we do act in correspondence to them. What are the roots of those first impressions? Where do they come from? Our first impressions are shaped unconsciously. The subconscious mind is like a video tape that has been recording our experiences, the ways we are conditioned and educated, as well as our history. In our subconscious that video tape determines our perception of the present: it keeps replaying and projecting itself on new situations. It is the only thing we 'know'. In other words: what we have experienced before is our frame of reference and we are automatically inclined to perceive and evaluate our new experiences on the basis of that frame of reference. In result, our objective lens is affected by the old frame of reference; the way you perceive and judge yourself and the world around you has become a habitual pattern. And that's a shame, because it often leads to many limiting beliefs about ourselves and others. After all, your inner cinema may be playing an outdated movie that does not suit the present anylonger. You are not who you were before and tomorrow you can be different from who you are now.  All the more reason to become aware of how your first impressions and judgments influence your choices and, with that, your current life.

d i r t y   l a u n d r y

d i r t y   l a u n d r y = ['dɜ:ti, (Am.) 'dɜrt̯i]  ['lɔ:ndri]  private matters whose public exposure brings distress and embarrassment. — called also 'd i r t y   l i n e n'

Everyone has their own challenges. Everyone has their own dirty laundry. Some persons are very aware of their challenges and their dirty laundry, whereas others struggle to figure out that something is holding them back and what that something may be. In my own life, I have experienced and learned in numerous ways how people can get stuck. Unconsciously we keep on flipping the same script. Therefore, we find ourselves ending up in similar situations, similar scenes - even when we actually do not even like those scenes and feel uncomfortable in them. It does not have to be this way; change is around the corner.



c a r e   t a g

All of our textile fabrics have a care tag that shows you how to take care of them in order for them to last as long as possible. With the right focus and care we can design ourselves a care tag too, so that we know how to treat ourselves in a way that serves our needs and contributes to our growth. Let 's get rid of that dirty laundry! Figure out what is - or what you want to put - on your own care tag and live it!

In the past years I have witnessed in myself and in people around me how simple it can be to gain insight in our dirty laundry, how to change perspectives, and how to take steps in shifting our lives to a more peaceful state of being. I am convinced that what I have learned is valuable to other people as well, especially when combined with my accessible and down-to-earth working methods. c a r e   t a g  has the aim to contribute to your personal development and optimization. Several services are offered under this label, all with the aim to optimize your well-being.

a b o u t   m e 

My name is Irene. I was born in 1986, have way too many passions to list here, and I regularly take a plunge in the (figurative - I don't like swimming) deep end to explore, to learn and to grow. I studied Law at Utrecht University. Since my graduation in 2010 I have been working, with pleasure, as a lecturer and researcher at a Dutch university. In addition, I teach post-academic courses to practicing lawyers and judges. In December 2019 I defended my PhD in the field of private law and European Union law. But, besides enjoying the legal brainwork, I also love to work with my heart. I am at my happiest when I work with people, especially when I can support them in their personal growth. As the founder of  c a r e   t a g  I strive to fulfil that aim as much as I possibly can.

w h a t   c a n   I   d o   f o r   y o u  ?

I offer a number of services: reiki, yin yoga and training in the field of personal development and practical skills. The services are not necessarily interrelated, but I am more than happy to design a tailor-made package for you or to arrange a combined session. Below you will find more information per service.

b e   g e n t l e   |   r e i k i

Reiki is the Japanese word for life energy or life force. It may not be surprising that everyone alive carries life energy within. Perhaps you are more familiar with the Chinese word - Chi or Qi - or the term used in yoga practice: Prana. Our life energy is influenced by our life and all that happens in it. There are numerous ways to replenish your energy and one of them is enjoying a reiki session. Since I finished my Reiki course (1st and 2nd degree),  I am grateful to be able to offer those sessions.

During a session you lay down on the reiki table [basically that's the same as a massage table]. For several minutes, I will place my hands on a number of positions on your body. Note that you are fully dressed during a reiki session and that I also give you the option to cover you with a blanket. During the session your energy will be replenished and your physical, mental and emotional balance will be boosted. At times you will clearly feel sensations in your body, other times you may not feel much - it is all good. For many persons a reiki session is a way to indulge complete relaxation. After a reiki session you are very likely to experience increased body awareness, to enjoy a peaceful, calm mind, and to feel a strong energy. In addition, in result of the complete relaxation you will experience during the session and afterwards, your body is in the best position to recover itself. The reiki supports that process of recovery.

Reiki involves no risks whatsoever. Everybody, also children, can experience a reiki session and benefit from it.

For the sceptics amongst us: is it really necessary to scientifically prove anything when the result is so blissful time and again for oodles of persons over many, many decades? Any reason not to give it a try
? I'll give you discount (read below).

b e   a w a r e   |   y i n   y o g a

In yin yoga we relax our muscles and focus on our breathing. That's right: no downward dogs, no warriors, no handstands, and no tree poses. Yin yoga is suitable for every human being that has a body and that is able to breathe. So most likely also for you. In yin yoga we mostly work with sitting positions. I will guide you in those positions and music will support you as well. Of course, each class is closed with a nourishing, relaxing savasana

Yin yoga is a very tranquil yoga, focused on going inward as well as on easening the body. Boring? On the contrary! During a yin yoga class you become highly aware of your body, of your respiration and the power of your breathing. You gain insight in what is happening under the surface. As a bonus, you will experience increased flexibility of body and mind, a leave with the knowledge that you can basically breathe through each life situation on your path.

By now I have been gratefully enjoying a large number of yin yoga classes. Each week I take at least one or two classes, next to my yang yoga practice - that's how beautiful it is! I finished a Yin Yoga Teacher Training (Yoga Alliance 100) and I it thrills me to have started teaching beautiful classes myself. Of course, I keep deepening my knowledge through new teacher trainings and workshops.

From September 2019 onwards I am teaching yin yoga classes on Monday evening and on Saturday morning at a beautiful and freshly opened shala in Arnhem: MYSORE YOGA. More information can be found below.

Further, I teach private classes, for example if you feel uncomfortable being in a group or if you first want to figure out if it suits you. Of course I also offer classes for any type of group. The classes take 60 or 90 minutes. My classes are easily accessible in all ways, always have a theme/focus, and always give you more than enough room for personal interpretation.

b e   y o u r   b e s t   v e r s i o n   |   c o n f i d e n c e   &   s k i l l s   |   p r e s e n t a t i o n  t r a i n i n g

We all have our own subconscious video tape, our own challenges, our own dirty laundry. However, nothing is unchangeable and fortunately each day offers us new opportunities to grow and develop ourselves. And that does not have to be a tough, emotional or heavy process at all.  Whether it is to gain insight in your challenges, or whether you have them sharp and are ready to tackle them: I would be more than happy to work with you in a down-to-earth way to support your personal growth and development and to explore what is on your care tag. 

I offer trainings for presentation skills as well as coaching sessions for writing essays, a Bachelor thesis, a Master thesis or a PhD. Do you feel uncomfortable or highly nervous when you have to present, either at a business meeting, during your study or in social events? I am glad to help you conquer those nerves and to diminish those limiting beliefs you have linked to presenting. 

Presentation trainings or coaching sessions for writing skills can be individual or in group. The exact training (or series of training sessions) are tailor-made to your wishes. Online / videocall sessions are possible too, although I strongly prefer face-to-face meetings. Duration, focus and prices are therefore dependent on the exact proposal. Do you want to have feedback on and guidance for a specific presentation? Please contact me via the contact form below.

p r i c e s

To me, it is essential that  e v e r y o n e  has the opportunity to take adequate action in regards to self-development and personal optimization. Everyone, regardless age, income, background, whatever. For that reason, I am open to think along with you when it comes to the remuneration of my services.
 If your financial situation normally keeps you from taking these steps, please contact me - no embarrassment needed! - and ask me what you want or share with me your proposal. I am sure we will make it work. And I trust that my flexibility will not be abused.  


R e i k i
6 0   m i n u t e s   r e i k i            € 40
3 0   m i n u t e s   r e i k i            € 25


P e r s o n a l   s k i l l s
6 0    m i n u t e s   s k i l l l s   t r a i n i n g  ( 1   o r   2   p e r s o n s )               € 45
p r e s e n t a t i o n   s k i l l s   t r a i n i n g   i n   g r o u p s                               p r i c e s   b y  m u t u al   
                                                                                                                                            a g r e e m e n t



                                                                                    t a k e  c a r e : l i v e   y o u r   c a r e   t a g